Friday, February 21, 2014

Part 2 of Bo Bunny's new line..

Look at Bo Bunny's new line omg!!! how cute.

Lookin'4 My Mojo

O' my I' can't believe I'm blogging again lol. I' feel like a newbie I' haven't blogged in so dang long.Due to my numerous of health problems, and move last year.TRUTH be told I'm kinda scared, every time I' tried to come back something else happened. Although thins are not just right I'ma get back in the ropes and scrap again to clear my mind lol.Now enough about me haha,have you seen all the new goodies coming out yet. Omg it's a doozy I' have seen a lot of great stuff on the blogs. I'm saving my pennies to have a blast shopping. Since I' blogged last I' have had a new bundle of joy yeah!! She is now a 1yr old and walking yippee. I' never knew paper crafting  could be so addicting omg.I' can't throw away anything wondering could this be crafted haha.I'm saving boxes, containers, you name it. My garage looks like Sanford & Sons.I ' have to run for now smooches Von

Saturday, June 29, 2013



He are two layouts I' did awhile back I'm just posting to share some ideas in case some one  wanna  do something different in their scrapping. These are my two adorable grandsons .This layout was done digital with a online kit. Sorry I don't remember what kit I have way too many and software to remember.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Okay it 4:21 am where I'm at and I'm peckin' on my laptop omg lol.I've been tryin to get back into tha bloggin' thing.But for some reason I' cant get my video's to uplpad wtf haha yes I did say that.I' hope I' dont have to make a new blog gee wiz.I' know I've been gone for a min but dang ,what is really going on.Have thing change that much,in a year.I' know if it's the site or something set on my pc.Whatever it is it's gettin' on my last nerve ugh!!!!
This was a Hedi Grace find a while back.And some other goodies.Some was marked down yeah for me.