Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Beautiful Girl's,Boogie Fever,Our Little Princess'es'

This kit came with some beautiful frames & pp.I'  finally did a page with my grandaughters together.I' hate the fact they are never all together at once.The Beautiful Girl's are my youngest two they are sisters.The Boogie Fever  layout is my grandaughter Niya when she was a baby @ my grandsons B-Day Party.Along with her friend Brianna getting down lol.The other layout is my babies also.They are all of Ty's sisters.

Monday, December 6, 2010

'Girl Turn Me Loose'

These are two of my gk this is the oldest girl Kacey she is now 11 and Tyler is 10.They are sister& bros,and is 10 mo apart.Tyler could stand her lol,and the feeling was mutual She was showing him she was the oldest,look at his face haha.


My gd Niya always have a attitude when she don't get her way.She have her lip stuck out on so many occasions.Now she has a new baby sister and has some one to share her temper tantrums.