Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Beautiful Girl's,Boogie Fever,Our Little Princess'es'

This kit came with some beautiful frames & pp.I'  finally did a page with my grandaughters together.I' hate the fact they are never all together at once.The Beautiful Girl's are my youngest two they are sisters.The Boogie Fever  layout is my grandaughter Niya when she was a baby @ my grandsons B-Day Party.Along with her friend Brianna getting down lol.The other layout is my babies also.They are all of Ty's sisters.

Monday, December 6, 2010

'Girl Turn Me Loose'

These are two of my gk this is the oldest girl Kacey she is now 11 and Tyler is 10.They are sister& bros,and is 10 mo apart.Tyler could stand her lol,and the feeling was mutual She was showing him she was the oldest,look at his face haha.


My gd Niya always have a attitude when she don't get her way.She have her lip stuck out on so many occasions.Now she has a new baby sister and has some one to share her temper tantrums.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Those Hands'

This is one of my favorite layouts I' have done so far.I' didn't know this picture came out this good.Until I' got ready to scrap it.These are my granddaughter Sha'Niya's hands.Her hands was soo cute and cuddly to me.I' would kiss them so much.She was just learning to hold them.What a great shot I' must say so myself lol.


This hybird lo came out so lovely to me.I' used bling and brads to juicy it up.My grand-daughter is so cute on here.She was around 1yr or so.She love to have her picture taken .I' can't wait till we can scrap together.

Monday, November 29, 2010

'Partners & Pals'

My 2 grand babies were so cute.When I' took these pics,they were finally getting along.Well I' should say my grandson,was loving his sister.She was too little to agree or disagree.He couldn't stand her when she was born lol.He look at her like she was a pet he didn't want anymore.Now they are partners in crime.I' call them Bad & Badder.

'Gettin' Ready 4 Xmas'

HELLO WORLD!!! I'  cant believe it's almost   Xmas again wow,how times fly.I' have brought one bubblegum yet haha.I' m never on time for nothing.iI' didn't even do anything this year for black Fri or Cyber Monday yeah lol.I' kept my nickles in my pocket whew.It was  hard to do,I' didn't even go online and look at nothing!!! I' have so many bills to catch up on now.Xmas will have to take a back seat on my trip for now.I' will pick up gifts for everyone at the last minute as always.I' just wont go over the top like I' usually do.At least I' don't plan too as of yet.I' will be emailing my family my scrap list lol.All I' want for Xmas is money for scrap stuff or scrap supplies.I' prefer tha money tho haha.Happy Holiday's Bloggers...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Dear Daughter'

My dd was so cute when she was you.She have grown up to be a beautiful young woman.And a wonderfil mother of her own 3 kids.This is rub on's ,cardstock,and couple of tags.

'Our Little Man'

I' did this layout a while back of my gs Montray.This was one of the first digi layout's I' did.When I' first got into the game it seems like digi was a taboo.When I would ask other digi scrappers how they did this affect or other designs.They wouldn't tell me or they would give me the run around.Not many were willing to pass the technique on.Even to this day people are not friendly in the scrapworld.I' think it's enough room in the world for all of us.Every scrapper I've  come across has a unique style.At least till the start copying some one else and forgetting their own (yes I' did go there) lol. Don't get me wrong I'm  all for SCRAPLIFTING  that's how were learn new stuff and we grow as scrappers.All  I'm saying is we shouldn't lose our self trying to keep up with others.I' could never work for a design team.Because I' have to do things my was and not keep up with every trend.Everything is not for every one.I'  am still learning everyday how to improve my scrappin.And dusting off some old scrap supplies and old tool lol.Paper Crafting is such a expensive hobby wow.I' have brought  thing I' don't hardly or ever use.That is ova!!!  I' will only buy as need now unless there is a sale or % off,mark down ect..That is my New Years Resolution

Friday, November 19, 2010

'Their Personality's'

Each one of my kids have a strong mind and are soooo different in everything they do.Very seldom the agree on anything.And with me each says the another is my favorite.Or the always manage to put me in their disagreements lol.I' never allow them to pass licks with each other coming up.So the have never had fist fight thank God.I' don't have a favorite,and I' love them all equally but I' bet they would disagree.My dd say I' favor my boys over her especially my younger son.So as mother I' feed in to it for kicks lol.I' say well he's my baby haha.And I' tell her well he is the oldest and my first child lol.Boy she be steaming lol.Then I' tell her or the ,well your my only daughter now what.She would  hush then,and I' do my older son the same younger son don't complain much like the older ones.But he do think my grandson came and taken his place omg these kids.So I go back to the drawing board again.With well he's my first grand child lol.I' tell them this to make a point.And the point is they all have a special place in my heart that is equal.Even down to my last grand baby .Because she is you know it tha (YOUNGEST).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Let Me Count The Way'

On this layout is my beautiful grandaughter Jada.I' used ribbon an chipboard accents to pull this together.Sorry the ribbon bent the wrong way in the scanner.This was pretty simple.I' think the paper and chipboard came from a old Cosmo Cricket Kit.


Tim Holtz "Embrace Art" Texture Fade Mini


I' used buttons from Joann's,the little feet are stickers from Michael's.the other product's were from a old kit I' had when I' first start scrappin.
Here is a layout I've done of my dd fist child.Look at the cheeks on this one lol.He was such a sweet baby,after he got passed the crying spell.Boy did my sweetie grow up too fast.He just turned 5yrs old on the 7th of this month.He is the comedy in the family,and keep us in stitches.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Cute As A Button,Adorable Cute,2 Cute 4 Words

Doing layouts of my grand kids always makes me happy.Especially when I' find cute kits like this one. Where I' can do all their photos together.I' love how this turned out,all but Montray's.I' think it's cute.But after looking at it on here I'm kinda not too thrilled.I' was trying to mach the colors better with their clothes.So I' will go back and do a redo of this one.One thing I' love about digi you can do that lol.I' will make his pic b/w so it will blend better for me.One thing I've learned with digi,is you can convert pictures to different shades to get the look you like.And when all else fail b/w always will work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'My New Toy Pt. 2'

Okay here is part 2 of my goodies I' ordered 16  distressed inks & 8 inks,some jouraling cards by Tattered Angels.And some days of the week jouarling cards by Webster Page.Some vellum diecuts  & some frames.I' plan on getting all the inks and dabbers if the Lord say the same.I' wish I' could find a place that sell things in bulks are combo packs.If you hear of something shoot me a message please.Thanks for looking Von..

My New Toys

Here is some new toys I' found online to play with.After years of seeing these goodies around I' decided to get some too.Since I' will be doing more Hybird scrapping I' thought this would be fun to have.I' have crackle paint's,glimmer mist's,& paint dabbers plus a Tim Holtz embossing folder called  faded textured.Sorry I' didin't do a video for this,I' tried 3 times. the first was to dark ,the second was messed up.And the third I' erased by accident lol.So I' just quit trying I' had put everything up in it's new home.And was not to pull it out again.Thank God I' had taken pic of everything.Thanks for peeking.Von..

'Hapy Birthday Day 2 Ya'..

HAPPY B-DAY BABY BOI!!!.My son turned 21 on Nov 5th.I' guess he think he is grown now .But he still have to obey his mama.Even when he get's 31 if I'm around.I' have spoken lol.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


These are my two boys when they were younger.Wow this haven't been that long ago it seems.the oldest one just turn tha big 30 last month on the 1st.I' have to do his B-Day lo soon haha.And my youngest son just turn 21 today wow.And the pain of him getting here is still fresh in my head haha.DONT wanna do that again ever!!I' swear my kids grew up to fast.I' guess it's a good thing,because I' get to have grand kids who I' love dearly.I' wish they could have came first or without having kids lol.

Friday, November 5, 2010

'My Daddy'

Here is a picture of my daddy some one who I' miss soooo very much.He tickled me hold up his Miller's can.He loved a good cold one in his day,after work.He almost had a fit when the doctor told him he couldn't drink anymore.I' have a sneaky feeling he stilled down one every now and then.Rip Pop...

'Doing Tha Elmo'

This is a layout I' did a while back of my grandson Montray doing his favorite dance ,when he was a baby.I' thought this was so funny Elmo cluncked out way before he did lol.He was looking like what's wrong with you Elmo ,let's go I' not tired yet and neither should you be haha.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

Here is the video that,he shot in Shreveport la aslo know as tha Rachet City.Check out the little cutie in here also.The guy doing the most dancing was killed not long after the video.It was so sad that he was killed right were they shot some of the video,at the gas station .Lil' J. is a place were we all got our music from Rip homie.

'Hurricane Chris'

I' done this layout a while back when I' first start doing Hybird,This is my lil sweetheart Hurricane Chris,he is a major rapper from my hometown Shreveport La.He is bad I' just love some of his music.And the fact he is a homeboy is soo cool.My cousin was in his video Hand Clap.They shot  some of the video Hay Bay Bay at my cousin mom's job County Market a local grocery store there.Thanks Chris for keeping S'port on tha map.

'HUMP DAY!!! '

Wow this week have just started and now it half way through.Before you know it it will be another year.I' am so drop dead tired today and very upset.I've been waiting and so excited for my new jewlery box right.Well I' wanna scream I'm so freaking mad at Hsn!!!.I' got this hunk of junk and wish I' could have kicked their azz for sending me out this shit lol.I' was floored belive me,and will be sending it back asap!! The presentation look so nice for this item.And I've been waiting for something like this to keep most of my jewerly in(not tha good stuff) lol.But my costume jewerly that I' sometime wear.Okay my A.D.D is acting up I'll addmit it.This time I'm in  jewerly mode.Next week I' be on something else lol.Okay I' wanna be able to see all of my suff so I' dont have to have it all over the place in diffrent spot.I'm sure some of you ladies know what I' mean.I' star digging out my jewerly gold and costume and I' found stuff I' forgot I' even have haha.Most of my stuff I' haven't seen in years.I' love to have everything toget if possible.That way you can use it more often & you know what you have.So if anything come up missing you will know asap haha.I' found 3 other jewerly storages I' like but I'm undeciced on which one I' want.And I'm more shock to have fund the at my old stomping grounds QVC.I' had almost put them in chapter 13 of my world lol.Since the stop doing scrapbooking.I' use to love them so much and ordered sooooo much lol.The were about to have me in chapter 13 haha.this jewerly box I' got from Hsn was the ideal thing for me.Because it was a over the door mirror also and wouldn't take up no extra space.My bedroom is compact with so much scrap stuff and my furniture and ect.. I' dont have any extra room for anything.But after seening the ones on Qvc I' will have to either find a way or take the smaller one.Which is super nice also it hold a lot,combined with my old one it should work for now.I' hope so any way,now I' will just have to hide my good stuff in something like thoses jewerly roll thingy's.Where I' can access it better too.Oh something else about the Hsn jewerly box it is mad of cheap material the latch is almost invisable,they suspose to be two magnets.It was chiped up a bit.I' think I' got one someone else sent back.I' seen on the reviews that a lot of people wasnn't happy with it.Most of the complaints were it smelled and the latch.Mine did'nt smell the latch problem I'm not sure because I' didn't load it up.As for now I' still love my Hsn and will be one of their biggest buyers lol.I' just wish they would do better by some of thie suppliers.Before they pass it on to the customers.This is only the second or third time I' had to send something back ,or wasn't happy.I' guess that's part of the game huh.Thank's for letting me vent to someone haha.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On her is my youngest son Dee.I' love this picture of it one of my favorite of him.I' think he may have been around 7 or 9 I'm not sure.He will be 21 next month,boy how time flys.The card stock is so adorable to me it's very thin and so easy to work with.I' got this from QVC back in tha day lol.I' hate I' didn't two boxes.It is by Lisa Bernson it was a 2000 pc deal.Omg it is awesome,but now they do sell it anymore boo hoo.There are many different font in it I' will be so sad when it's all gone.I' don't know who makes chipboard that thin anymore.The border was also apart of the kit too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Granny's New Baby Girl'

Nevaeh is my new grand baby she is such a joy to have.She is getting so big so fast.She is now going through that crying faze lol.Her mom tells everyone I' have her spoiled.Because every time you put her down she cries.And I' do mean every time haha.Sometimes it is Nerve Reckoning I' must say so myself.But she is Granny's Baby what else can I' say.Who couldn't spoil a cutie like her.

'My New Toy'

This is one of my newest toys,I' am loving it!!! This is a Lexmark Prospect Printer I' enjoy this one so much,because it is worry free.Yes I'said 'WORRY' FREE'.It come with a 5yr warranty.And I' got mine for $129.95,so it is worth it's weight and goal.It also came with three software's for scrapping.You cand find it at Office Depot or Hsn where I' got mine.But Hsn is now selling it for $199.95.It is still worth it for the warranty you get with it.I' have several printers,2 diffrent Cannon Pixma's,Epson just to name a few.I' have a older Lexmark too.As you can see I' invest in printer's alot.I' usually get a new one every couple of years.The next one I' plan on buying is a 12X12.But I'm kinda iffy on them right now,they use a lot of high price ink.Because the have about six tank you have to buy for them.I' think I' will be playing with my new candy for a while.The ink is not that much for this machine.So go check them out it maybe good for you also.

HSN - Search Results

HSN - Search Results Check this out laides, I' cant wait to get mine omg!!!.I' think I' have A.D.D or something lol.I' cant finish one project without starting something elses.I' have pick up my old habit again.And that is for the love of jewerly.But this time it wont be all gold & diamonds.This is a plus for me because that will help me to buy more haha.I' have so much jewerly but never wear it.But I'm getting back slowly to the old me. Or should I' maybe going foward to a new me.Yeah that sounds better lol.I' swear hsn is killing me with all their yummy items.Hope you all like the nwe jewerly box,I' want it in black.Thank's for looking.

Friday, October 15, 2010

'You Are So Beautiful To Me'

Here she is my newest little pookie Nevaeh Vonay.She's 2mo old now.She is so special to us.She had  a fussy day on here.So I' swaddled her lol,sometimes she likes it.And sometimes she will fight and burst out of the swaddle haha.To see the tiny self act like the Incredible Hulk is so funny.She already has a Diva Mode omg .It's her way or no way already,imagine that.She is a good baby most of the time,I' love taking her picture.

'Sweet & Superstar Layouts'

                                            ' Superstar'                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dude,Unique,Fun Times,The Brown's Layout's.

                                Here is a lo I' done of my grandsons and a friend of my dd little boy.   
 My grandson gave me a flower and boy did it stink lol.He was upset because I' told him to throw it out,poor baby.I' couldnt help but say something that thing had my whole house musty hehe.After a while he even laughed about it.The sad thing was it was a cute flower.To bad they dont smell good.
       My grandson loves to make everyone laugh at him.He was having a blast with his mom on my bed.
                  These are the Brown brothers Najji & Tahjjic these are my cousins two adoreable boys.