Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'HUMP DAY!!! '

Wow this week have just started and now it half way through.Before you know it it will be another year.I' am so drop dead tired today and very upset.I've been waiting and so excited for my new jewlery box right.Well I' wanna scream I'm so freaking mad at Hsn!!!.I' got this hunk of junk and wish I' could have kicked their azz for sending me out this shit lol.I' was floored belive me,and will be sending it back asap!! The presentation look so nice for this item.And I've been waiting for something like this to keep most of my jewerly in(not tha good stuff) lol.But my costume jewerly that I' sometime wear.Okay my A.D.D is acting up I'll addmit it.This time I'm in  jewerly mode.Next week I' be on something else lol.Okay I' wanna be able to see all of my suff so I' dont have to have it all over the place in diffrent spot.I'm sure some of you ladies know what I' mean.I' star digging out my jewerly gold and costume and I' found stuff I' forgot I' even have haha.Most of my stuff I' haven't seen in years.I' love to have everything toget if possible.That way you can use it more often & you know what you have.So if anything come up missing you will know asap haha.I' found 3 other jewerly storages I' like but I'm undeciced on which one I' want.And I'm more shock to have fund the at my old stomping grounds QVC.I' had almost put them in chapter 13 of my world lol.Since the stop doing scrapbooking.I' use to love them so much and ordered sooooo much lol.The were about to have me in chapter 13 haha.this jewerly box I' got from Hsn was the ideal thing for me.Because it was a over the door mirror also and wouldn't take up no extra space.My bedroom is compact with so much scrap stuff and my furniture and ect.. I' dont have any extra room for anything.But after seening the ones on Qvc I' will have to either find a way or take the smaller one.Which is super nice also it hold a lot,combined with my old one it should work for now.I' hope so any way,now I' will just have to hide my good stuff in something like thoses jewerly roll thingy's.Where I' can access it better too.Oh something else about the Hsn jewerly box it is mad of cheap material the latch is almost invisable,they suspose to be two magnets.It was chiped up a bit.I' think I' got one someone else sent back.I' seen on the reviews that a lot of people wasnn't happy with it.Most of the complaints were it smelled and the latch.Mine did'nt smell the latch problem I'm not sure because I' didn't load it up.As for now I' still love my Hsn and will be one of their biggest buyers lol.I' just wish they would do better by some of thie suppliers.Before they pass it on to the customers.This is only the second or third time I' had to send something back ,or wasn't happy.I' guess that's part of the game huh.Thank's for letting me vent to someone haha.

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