Saturday, October 16, 2010

'My New Toy'

This is one of my newest toys,I' am loving it!!! This is a Lexmark Prospect Printer I' enjoy this one so much,because it is worry free.Yes I'said 'WORRY' FREE'.It come with a 5yr warranty.And I' got mine for $129.95,so it is worth it's weight and goal.It also came with three software's for scrapping.You cand find it at Office Depot or Hsn where I' got mine.But Hsn is now selling it for $199.95.It is still worth it for the warranty you get with it.I' have several printers,2 diffrent Cannon Pixma's,Epson just to name a few.I' have a older Lexmark too.As you can see I' invest in printer's alot.I' usually get a new one every couple of years.The next one I' plan on buying is a 12X12.But I'm kinda iffy on them right now,they use a lot of high price ink.Because the have about six tank you have to buy for them.I' think I' will be playing with my new candy for a while.The ink is not that much for this machine.So go check them out it maybe good for you also.

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