Monday, November 29, 2010

'Gettin' Ready 4 Xmas'

HELLO WORLD!!! I'  cant believe it's almost   Xmas again wow,how times fly.I' have brought one bubblegum yet haha.I' m never on time for nothing.iI' didn't even do anything this year for black Fri or Cyber Monday yeah lol.I' kept my nickles in my pocket whew.It was  hard to do,I' didn't even go online and look at nothing!!! I' have so many bills to catch up on now.Xmas will have to take a back seat on my trip for now.I' will pick up gifts for everyone at the last minute as always.I' just wont go over the top like I' usually do.At least I' don't plan too as of yet.I' will be emailing my family my scrap list lol.All I' want for Xmas is money for scrap stuff or scrap supplies.I' prefer tha money tho haha.Happy Holiday's Bloggers...

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