Friday, November 19, 2010

'Their Personality's'

Each one of my kids have a strong mind and are soooo different in everything they do.Very seldom the agree on anything.And with me each says the another is my favorite.Or the always manage to put me in their disagreements lol.I' never allow them to pass licks with each other coming up.So the have never had fist fight thank God.I' don't have a favorite,and I' love them all equally but I' bet they would disagree.My dd say I' favor my boys over her especially my younger son.So as mother I' feed in to it for kicks lol.I' say well he's my baby haha.And I' tell her well he is the oldest and my first child lol.Boy she be steaming lol.Then I' tell her or the ,well your my only daughter now what.She would  hush then,and I' do my older son the same younger son don't complain much like the older ones.But he do think my grandson came and taken his place omg these kids.So I go back to the drawing board again.With well he's my first grand child lol.I' tell them this to make a point.And the point is they all have a special place in my heart that is equal.Even down to my last grand baby .Because she is you know it tha (YOUNGEST).

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